The Medieval New Years Eve Party 2022


Dec. 31 – 20.00-23.45 – Olde Hansa – Vana turg 1
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The way you spend the last day of the year is the way the whole following year will be.

At the House of Merchants, we farewell the old year with abundance and joy! The programm of the evening is lead by Olde Hansa Musicus and a medieval herald. There will be enough surprises and gifts for the whole evening. In addition there will be a spectacular fire show at midnight. Chef Emmanuel Wille has put together a genuine and plentiful feast menu. A surprising feast will be crowned by the pride of medieval art of cooking – an admirable illusion as dessert!

Here you can buy ticket for your children for extra – CHILDREN TICKET

WE DO HAVE A VEGETARIAN OPTION AS WELL, ask more through our e-mail!

To build up the Appetite:

Olive Berries from a Highly Blessed Tree
Earl’s Pickled Cucumbers Livonian-Style
London merchant’s Saffron Pickles
French Royal Poultry Liver Paté with Lovely Onion Jam
Freshly-Caught Salmon from the Fisher Folk of Andalusia
Rye Bread with Lard
Herb Bread with Nuts
Castle’s Fresh Cheese
Spinach and Almond Spread with faraway land spices

The Crown Jewels:

Venice duck leg in gol den saffron sauce
Iberia blood sausage
Slow-cooked veal cheek
Bear – Marinated in rare Spices and cooked over a
fire in red wine sauce in the honour of the brave
king of Denmark Waldemar II

From the garden:

Barley with nuts
Ginger turnips
Smoked Sauerkraut
Crusader’s Lentil Sauce
Berry jam

Velvety pudding with sweet spices from Hildegard von Bingen

Including two glasses of sparkling wine to enjoy with the food