Tar soap


Product id no.: 0021

Our handmade soap is made using medieval soap recipes. However, we have modified the recipe slightly to ensure that our soap is safe for the entire family. Ingrediences are all natural and the weight of one soap is 160 g

Tar is highly appreciated due to its healing properties. Tar helps alleviate all sorts of skin problems and cure smaller wounds. Pine tar is highly appreciated by both our ancestors and those of neighbouring nations. Tar is mostly known as a healing agent mainly in Estonia and Finland. The Finns even have a proverb about tar: “Sauna, vodka and tar – if these don’t help, it’s a dying disease“. For Estonians, the art of survival is much simpler. But we do have old sayings related to tar, too: “You may tar all things, just don’t tar your wife, children and wooden spoons“.
Regardless of the many healing properties, tar soap is popular mainly because of its special scent. This aroma is greatly appreciated by sauna fans.
Lard and caustic soda are the traditional soap-making raw materials in Estonia. Every lady of the house used to have her own way of making soap, but the general principles were the same. In soap-making, we only use natural Estonian raw materials.