Grand Chef feast


A Minimum number of participants 2 guests!

After making a purchase, reserve a table for the desired date and notify the restaurant of your wish to use the “Master Chef Meal” offer.

The meal is a dinner with medieval traditions with a rich selection of food when the amount of delicacies is unlimited – you can bring as much as you need if you wish. The meal begins with a hand-washing ritual, after which the guests are led to the table, which is already covered with appetizers. Before starting to eat, the host of the table is chosen from the group, who marks the beginning of the meal by breaking bread. The maids introduce all the dishes that are on the table. The main dishes are also brought in platters and bowls, and guests can share everything among themselves. This ensures social interaction and a more relaxed atmosphere. Finally, dessert is served. The meal is a medieval feast lasting at least two hours, which will surely be remembered for a long time.