The building which many centuries ago operated as the purchase and sales place of fancy imported goods, started to perform its historic task again – December 8, A.D 2005 saw the opening of Olde Hansa  Shoppe.

The shop offers genuine commodities which have been made following the centuries-old examples: stone ceramics, glassware, leather products, metalworks, some silver jewellery but also authentic medieval shoes.

All the products which are on sale in the shop have been made in cooperation with the chief designer of Olde Hansa, Martin Mikson, and other recognized Estonian artists and handicraftsmen – ceramics by Leo Rohlin, the professor of the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the ceramist Rita Randmaa, clothes by the fashion designer Riina Põldroos, leather products by the leather artist Rene Haljasmäe, and glassware by the glass designer Anne Liis Leht.